My daughter Debyani started here at Fledgelings last year. She has been through a lot and so another change was a huge hurdle for us.

Everybody at Fledgelings made us feel so welcome, from the time debyani has been there all the staff that have been involved with her have always given her a lot of attention, care and time.

Debyanis key worker lauren has been fantastic. She is a huge credit to the nursery. Lauren has always been detailed in her care for Debyani, as well as attention to detail, always on the end of the phone, reassuring through difficult ups and downs, as well as doing so so many various activities with Debyani and all the other children. Lauren not only contributes in making debyani’s world a fun filled, informative and educated world, she has also supported us as a family. We have a new edition to the family and debyani has seen some challenges and unsettled times, and so have we as parents with recent frequent trips to hospital with the little one and Lauren has been amazing in holding this up and down space for us through anxieties, worries, fear, changes, illness and all sorts. I love that Lauren brings us in as a family when she communicates with Debyani because Debyani has needed that, she has needed help understanding and processing her family environment and dynamics and Lauren has played a massive role in helping u offer an establish that with Debyani.

The activities that the nursery do with the children honestly blow me away. Debyani was at a nursery previously and in comparison by far these guys do so so many activities. I can’t praise the toddler room staff enough for their energy levels, time they devote to the children and cute they put into their day.

I always expected a drop in physical energy from nursery staff due to the demands of the job, but I have never seen or felt this from Paris, Lauren and Ruth. I am always greeted with a smile and the room always has a fun light hearted and joyful atmosphere. All the girls are fantastic.

I have always found the management at Fledgelings friendly, supportive, approachable and generous with their time. The other positive thing is they really take on board whatever topic we bring to the nursery or want to talk about. An active effort is always present from all the management. I also love their humanness, I feel like I have actual people supporting us who are grandma’s and mums and that really makes a difference. Everybody is always really understanding.

Overall I am really pleased Debyani attends Fledgelings and think it’s a fantastic nursery and have applied for a place for my second daughter.

Thank You
Seema Barua

141 South End Road
South Hornchurch
RM13 7XU

RE: Fledgelings OFSTED Inspection

Dear OFSTED Inspector,

I am writing as a parent to share my views on the education and care that my child has received during her time at Fledgelings Hornchurch.

My daughter is currently in the Preschool room and has attended Fledgelings for over 3 years. During her time there, She has made outstanding progress both academically and socially and I credit this to the care and education provided by the staff.

There have been many changes at Fledgelings over the years but the leadership provided by both Salma and Tammy have ensured that my daughter and the other children are at the centre of every decision made. The staff are highly trained and well equipped to deliver the EYFS curriculum and this is evident in both my daughter’s attainment and also in her desire to come to nursery and learn.

The individual staff who have cared for my daughter over the years know my daughter very well and I trust them fully. It is a common occurance for me to walk into the nursery and find a member of staff working on April’s individual targets which are also shared with me at parent’s consultation or just spending time with her. I have full access to her Profile and am impressed by the professionalism and devotion to my daughter that all staff have.

I am very happy with safeguarding procedures as any time I have questioned policies and procedures I have been presented with appropriate documentation and staff are clearly up to date with current legislation.

My daughter is due to start school in September and I am very sad about her not being part of the Fledgelings family anymore but I know that her time at Fledgeings has fully equipped her for the next stage in her learning.

I am sure that your day will be positive and that your judgement will reflect the outstanding care and expertise provided by the Fledgelings staff.

Yours Faithfully
Miss A. McAuliffe
(Parent of April McAuliffe)