French Lessons

Nicole Desbetes (Fledgelings French Teacher)

As you know, young children have powerful imaginations. They love stories, plays, songs…

And the best way to teach should always match the way people learn. So my teaching style is theatrical, and based on the way young children learn, which is highly active and sensorial…

I was fortunate to know plenty of traditional games and songs for kids from my own childhood. I realised I could use some of those with preschool students.

I also created many games and songs from scratch that would target the specific needs of preschool children learning a second language.

I also adapted traditional stories and created new ones to be used as skits in my storytelling sessions. I wrote many songs and rhymes to be used with the stories as well. In the case of French, I hired native French teachers and other professionals to help me collect, adapt, and create songs, games and stories in French.