Pre-school’s Gruffalo House

This week in Pre-school, Sarah’s group have been learning about the Gruffalo story in group time. Through discussions about the story, the children decided they wanted to make their own ‘Gruffalo Crumble’. The children talked about the ingredients and cooked and tasted their finished product. It was very yummy!

The children then decided to make ’scrambled snake’, using play dough, colouring and snow glitter. The children each had a turn at mixing in the ingredients and had a discussion about what the different ingredients could be in Scrambled Snake, sparking their imaginations. The children then decided they wanted to create their own Gruffalo house in the Pre-school room, so, with Sarah’s help they transformed an area of the room into the Gruffalo’s house. The children made their own decisions about what they would like to have in the house and recalled the story to include items from the book. The next group time, the children listened to the story again and chose to create their own log pile house and tree top house. The children used natural items such as logs, pine cones and corks to create their structures, as they discussed what animas would live inside them.

These group activities have been supporting the children communication, language and literacy skills, encouraging them to listen to stories, being able to recall and re tell story sequences and describe what is happening in the story from memory. They have been using their imagination to re-create parts of the story and have been making their own choices about where they would like to take the activity next.

AT – “the Gruffalo has orange eyes. I’m making a tree top house.”

GN – “I need big logs to make my Gruffalo house.”

MC – “ we need 3 apples for our Gruffalo Crumble.”